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Oh my you wrote wrong

You must have gotten so excited about being able to optimize your articles for search engines in less than 2 minutes that you misspelled our website. It’s ok.

And since you’re already here, to stay somewhat relevant to the domains name here are 10 facts about Squirrels:

1. Squirrels can eat their own body weigth every week. That’s a lot of nuts. No not really. Just around 600-700 grams

2. Squirrels can fall up from 100 feet without hurting themselves.

3. One sub-specie of squirrel, the hibernating arctic ground squirrel is the only warm-blooded mammal able to withstand body temperatures below freezing.

4. A male squirrel can smell a female having her estrous cycle( that’s a fancy word for “ready to make babies”) from a mile away.


5. The word “squirrel” means “shadow tail” in Greek. Their etymology has a long history that you don’t want to be dragged through.

6. Their sweat glands are on their feet. This kind of excludes the option of walking 1 mile in their shoes.

7. They also have 5 toes on their back feet and 4 on their front ones.

8. In order to confuse predators they dart back and forth. Sadly this doesn’t work especially well against cars. Due to this the lifespan of an average city squirrel is around 1 year.

9. Squirrels eat more than just nuts. That’s nuts! I know!

10. The squirrel is the Native American symbol for preparation, trust and thriftiness.

And now that we got that out of the way all that’s left is for you to install our Squirrly Plugin and start writing your next big hit.