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3 Squirrely tips for Human optimization with Squirrly Seo plugin

Human optimization for your blog is just as important as the search engine one, just that the latter one can be tackled with a SEO plugin. If you were searching Squirrely on the internet, you were most probably wanting to find our Squirrly SEO plugin.

In the meanwhile here are a few Squirrely tips for making your content Human-friendly.

Squirrely tip#1 Research your audience

Get to know what are the problems of your audience. Find a way to become a problem solver. Offer solutions to your public and they will appreciate you even more. You will have to know what there isn’t enough of, in your field, so you can provide it to your readers.

Squirrely tip #2 Engage with you audience on Social Media

It’s great to know we are reading the content of a fellow Human. Engage with your audience on social media. Talk with them and post more personal information, like your interests in music or some funny video you found. Keep chatting.

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Squirrely tip #3 Use a SEO plugin and focus on your content

Create quality content for your readers and use a SEO plugin like Squirrly (visit us on http://www.squirrly.co) to worry about how well you rank on Google. Create useful real content and not just stuff your keyword everywhere.

We are waiting for you on http://www.squirrly.co with our Free Couching Session so you can learn more about SEO and Human Optimization.